Guild Leader

The Guild Leader is the masochist in charge of MT. guild communications, drama squisher, coordinator of ALL THE THINGS, keeps everyone in line, responsible for keeping everyone happy and not pissing anyone everyone off.


Guild Officers

Officers are the administrators of the guild. Human resources, Recruitment, Bank organization and Raid Coordination


Team Leads

These are our Raid Leaders, PVP Leaders, Class/Role Leaders, and any other type of leader we can come up with.


Raiders are players who are dedicated to MT's progression efforts. They are active, show a high level of attendance and performance, are punctual and prepared.

Criteria for getting promoted into the Raider rank:

1. Must have attended at least 3 separate guild raids (i.e. 2 nights of raiding in the same week/lockout period counts for one raid).

2. Proven dedication to the guild's progression by coming prepared and on time.

3. Demonstrated a high level of raid awareness and class knowledge.

4. Must have an authenticator.

To remain in this rank, players must be active raiders. Raiders who stop raiding may be demoted at the leadership's discretion.


Members of MT are active non-raiding players (or players below lvl 90) that have been in the guild for at least 3 weeks. Members of MT have shown their loyalty and dedication to the guild.


The guild is full of altoholics. We have a special rank for those special people. You must be at least of member rank to bring an alt into the guild. To bring an alt in, please whisper an officer on your main with the name of your alt.


To maintain as clean and active roster as possible, players who have not logged in for at least 30 days will be demoted to this rank.


Fresh Meat

Welcome aboard! As the name implies, this rank is for new members to the guild. Recruits stay at the rank of fresh meat until they have been in MT for 3 weeks or have participated in 3 raids, which ever comes first. The time that a player is a recruit is deemed as a "Trial" period. The Officers of the guild will review the performance of the player over this "Trial" period and will deem if the player will be promoted to member or raider. It is possible if you have demonstrated loyalty and dedication to be promoted out of this rank sooner.