Who is MT?

Masochistic Tendencies is an end game raiding guild founded on December 4, 2009.
MT was formed because many members have been looking for more organized raiding. Basically we want to kill shit! We hold the basic principles of promoting a very social friendly atmosphere while maintaining that real life still comes first.

MT strives to be a "business-casual" raiding guild, but it's important that because this is a GAME, that we have fun doing it! WoW is not a 2nd job. We came up with the name due to the fact that, yes the game is fun, and yes it's ok to run face first into new content and kill ourselves just so we can learn the fights and say we've been there. Even though wipes happen, we keep a positive attitude and mentality, almost getting pleasure out of the pain that bosses inflict on us.
MT welcomes all players from all walks of life. We have zero tolerance for ignorance and bullshit.

So, there's our story and we're sticking to it. Now, on to the rules! 

Guiding Principles

1. RL > WS

2. Guild > Individual


General Guild Rules and Etiquette

1. Adults only. You must be at least 21 to apply to this guild.

2. Have fun. We're a playful bunch and because you pay to PLAY, you're required to have fun!

3. While you wear the guild tag, your actions in game reflect back on the guild. Don't be an idiot in trade. Don't ninja loot. Don't use any kind of chat in general channels laced with racial or sexual slurs. Basically, don't be an ass while you're in our guild.

4. Be respectful of your guild mates and your playmates. See above - don't be an ass.

5. Don't violate the EULA. Don't buy/sell accounts, don't buy/sell gold. Don't share your account with your cousin's best friend. See above - don't be an ass.


We ask all members to register on the forums. We do not ask that you be a "super" poster. All that we ask is that you register and check them regularly. Applying to the guild automatically registers you on the forums. The forums serve as a portal of communication for the guild outside of the game. Post some pictures, share some ideas. Have you always wondered just what kind of sound a turtle makes when mating? You've come to the right place! General forum etiquette applies. We are uncensored, but you must be respectful. Trolling, flaming or overall asshattery will not be tolerated. 

Item Sharing

In-game time is a valuable resource, which directly relates to the economy of the game, and more importantly the guild and it’s progression. This economy typically involves two things, items and currency, and the need for both. To help fellow members avoid using all of their time to collect materials needed, we encourage members to freely share any and all items within the guild. Be that gold, mats, food, less time farming directly relates to more time raiding. This includes making use of guild bank, donating, and requesting items from it if you have a need.

Guild Bank Rules

1. Use it! It's there for a reason and you have been given access to certain tabs to take advantage.

2. Do NOT use the Guild Bank for personal monetary gain. Only take what you can use. Anyone caught selling items withdrawn from the GB will be dealt with accordingly.

3. Do NOT use the guild bank for toons that are not in MT. While we recognize some of you may have alts in other guilds, our bank is not here for your alts. Items in the bank are for members only as they are meant to help the guild!

5. The last tab is reserved as "Officer" tabs for high valued items, Enchanting materials etc. All Guild members can at least view all of the tabs. If there is something you need out of the Officer tab contact an officer and we'll snatch it out of there for you.

6. The Bank is only as good as the items in it - we ask nicely (but don't require) all guildies to try to make whatever donations they can to the bank - this helps the guild economy.

7. Anything donated to the Guld Bank is there for Guild use. There are no restrictions on groups, ranks, etc except if a tab is designated as such. For example raiding mats and consumables are there for raiders. If you are raiding with us, (even if you're a fresh recruit), you are still entitled to those items during raid nights. We provide feasts and flasks.
8. The Guild Bank Funds are for guild use as designated by guild leadership.